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"In our first month we made a 100% ROI, and now we consistently get 20 strong leads a month. Matt's a true professional and I would highly recommend working with him!"

Brock Wijnbeek

BCW Contracting

"Its been only a few weeks with google ads and wow! In the past 2 weeks we have got over 2500$ in service work alone! We are now bumping up to 60/day and watching the work flood in!! Thanks Matt!"

Josh Bula

Pipes Plumbing

"I have talked to a lot of marketing 'agencies' over the years... Almost none of them actually understand how to make your phone ring or your email/text/chat inbox ping. That's what Savant Marketing does."

Bruce Firestone

Founder, The Ottawa Senators

What Our Clients Are Saying

"If you want the job done right, don't waste your time. Just go to Matt. We did $10k profit in 13 days and it keeps getting better from there. He's the real deal!"

Jonathan Mb

Coliseum Concrete

"I hired Matt Thibeau at Savant Marketing Agency... I'm pleased to say that since then, we have booked a new property showing every weekend from his ads. Highly recommended!"

Bob Wachna

Madawaska Shores

"We implemented a winning Adwords campaign that flooded me with results to the point I had to pause it... I recommend Matt to anyone who is looking to win with their marketing needs"

Paul Khoury

Sandwichii Catering

“I was hesitant at first... But after launching their campaign, we are now meeting new agents and staging more homes than ever before and overloaded with consults. It’s crazy, but we’re loving it!”

Lucie Meloche

Total Refresh Home Staging

"In my experience, Matt is a pretty rare dude. His combination of talent, experience, and certifications puts him well ahead of his peers."

Steve MacDonald

Dehumidified Air Solutions

"I have been with Savant Marketing for a year now. He has helped me greatly in setting up my Social Media presence. Always energetic and coming up with new ideas! Would highly recommend."

Sheldon Taylor

The Wine Garden

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40 Leads In Just 1 Month!

And 43 Leads In Just 1 Month!

And A Whopping 52 Leads In Just 1 Month!

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